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Creative Approaches to Learning

Having experienced the day led by Vicki, it far exceeded my expectations. This is the first time we have used a company to lead in-service training involving children and teachers working together to improve learning. The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed the day and I am confident that we will continue to develop the work from the day. It was wonderful to be 'Positively MAD' for the day and worth every penny. We look forward to using your company again to help us develop accelerated learning in our school.

B. C. Jones, Head Teacher, St Mary's Primary School


The staff was extremely positive both about the day and the skills that the day enhanced. Comments from the staff-'inspirational', 'really thought provoking', 'very useful ideas for the classroom' and 'the best INSET we've had for a very long time'. I would unhesitatingly recommend Positively Mad to anyone.

Kevan Crowther, Headteacher, Greenbank Primary School


I really enjoyed learning 90 things in one morning and my favourite was the shopping list. I can remember all of them.

Keiron Doney, Year 5 pupil


I am writing this letter to thank you for such a funny time at school. It was one of my favourite times in school.

Joshua Lewis, Year 3


Thank you for a great day I had lots of fun. I hope to see you again and thanks for picking me as a volunteer. Also I have become Positively MAD now! It was really funny but I don't think I would put biscuits down the loo.

Naomi Herbert, Year 6


The Year 6 pupils thoroughly enjoyed the event and came away with a repertoire of effective learning strategies that will serve them well in their future learning. The primary and secondary staff who attended the MAD events was very impressed and it whetted their appetites for more in-service training on the theme of effective learning. I recommend MAD to you without any reservation.

Dave Sharratt, Leigh Park EAZ - Assistant Director.


The staff and pupils of Woodlands Junior School would like to thank Posmad for an excellent training day, which managed to enthuse even the most weary amongst us! The activities were so interesting and exciting that they engaged all pupils fully and were particularly helpful with raising the esteem of our children with special needs

Elizabeth Davies, Head, Woodland Junior Schooll


I was amazed. I witnessed several individuals, who really struggle to learn, achieve so much that 'the proverbial chins hit the floor’.

Lynda Boxall, Head


I thought that it was great when you came. Thank you for what you taught me. I liked it when you did the planets, that was my favourite one.

Keiron Doney, Year 5 pupil


I was delighted to think that we were developing together with the children involved from the start. So often we would receive insets as a staff and then try to bring the children alongside. This is a most effective method of training and well worth the cost. Thanks you so much, I look forward to working with your company in the very near future.

A Wheeler, Head Teacher


I did not have a favourite because I loved it all and everyone has gone positively mad. I can remember all of it, the counting, Marco Polo, the penguin race, the big hand glove, the big ears and the big glasses.

Poppy Vincent, Year 3


Super Speed Study Skills

I liked it as it showed me ways to study that are less complicated and will produce more effective results.

Jenna Chappel - Year 12 Student


I can use the mind maps and other techniques to improve my grades. It was engaging and loads of fun, everyone got stuck in and the presenter was good.

Adele Smith - Year 11 Student


Your company provided my school with these two sessions in April 2009. The presenter was an amazing person who engaged 100 pupils for a whole morning session for the Study Skills session and then worked with a smaller cohort successfully during the afternoon with a Goal setting exercise. Many pupils have commented on how much they enjoyed the sessions and how entertaining/informative it was. I hope their exam results bear testament to your input!

Helen Marshall - Mount Grace School


Many thanks for a great week. The positive feedback we have had from the pupils who attended your YR10 & YR11 study skills workshops were quite overwhelming. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and remarked on how they will be using mind mapping to help them with their school work & beyond!! Here is a little taster of some of the feedback we received… “It was fantastic, I always thought mind mapping was confusing & difficult to understand, but once it was explained it seemed very easy…I was amazed how much I remembered”….”It has made me realise how mind mapping can help in my revision

Jill Yeowell – Aimhigher Manager


I am pleased to say that the day went very well and our students and staff had a fantastic time. In addition students were full of new information which had been presented in a new and exciting way. I hope that you found the experience to be a positive one and will consider visiting us again soon. I believe that by combining our resources and delivering information in this way it has a massive impact on our students and also allows you to see them in a different light.

Ms McGowan – Head Teacher


Exam Busters

I know now that revising can be made more interesting and that it doesn’t have to be boring. The course was fun, enjoyable and very easy to understand.

Cerys Lewis - Year 11 Student


The students were highly motivated and engaged and some immediately went to the next lesson to start putting these valuable ideas and concepts into practice.

Tracy Pigott - John F Kennedy School


The students left in a positive frame of mind - equipped to prepare for exams/tests etc much more than when they arrived. They described the sessions as fun, worthwhile and valuable. Thank you!

Andrew Browne - King Alfred School


Aimhigher works with youngsters who wouldn’t usually think that university is an option for them. The focus of the Exam Busters day is to help students get the best possible exam results. We found that the workshop raises the students’ confidence and motivation through active and fun practical sessions. By the end of the workshops, the students have real tools and techniques that work for them and they feel that exam success really is possible. We were really impressed with your efforts.

Neil Stock – Aimhigher Manager


Many thanks for excellent ‘Exam Busters’ sessions delivered to all our Year 11 Students. It was extremely well received by not only the students but staff helping with supervisions as well. I am sure it will ‘make a difference’ and we are full of admiration for the energy and enthusiasm of the presenter.

Brian Roe - Assistant Head Teacher


Hooks, Lines & Thinkers - Science

Comments by Year 10 students at Garstang High School

It is really fun and really works to remember things and makes learning them fun. Katy K

It helped me to remember lots and it was really fun! Jessica P

It really really helps, very fun, creative. I liked watching the videos too. Alys R

Everything we used to revise worked. And it wasn't boring. It is really creative and really fun. Becca F

I learnt a lot of quick, easy and helpful ways of learning. Emily H

I learned many different facts in a fun, practical way without recognising that you are learning. Abi B

It has helped me to remember a lot of info in a short space of time. Alex D

It was fun but you were learning at the same time. Overall it was top notch and jolly good fun. Amy Q

It was really fun but you were learning at the same time. I really enjoyed learning the different memory techniques. Laura H

They are fun learning techniques which will be very very useful. Emilia B

It is fun and you learn stuff which is different to the classrooms. Tom D

I enjoyed myself and I have learnt lots of different ways to study and good because we didn't have to do much writing. Jack H

It helped me to remember more Scientific facts using different methods. Was very fun. Megan R-J

It helps you to remember key facts whilst having fun. Jo


Hooks, Lines & Thinkers – English

It is interesting because you don't get bored and makes learning fun. Jake H

I didn't get bored because it was strange and fun. Nathan B

It helps you to remember everything. Joe T

It was a great and fun way of learning and I enjoyed it a lot. Harry T

It was very fun and really helped me and is very funny. Tom P

It was full of enjoyment and was a lot of fun. I never knew I could remember 103 facts without writing things down. It's a great way to learn. Abi


6S Study Skills

Comments by students from Crewe High School, Stoke.

I have confidence as now know more ways to study and to help me study.

I feel a lot more confident to do well in my exams.

I have learnt different strategies of how to study.

I understand how to revise. I can remember things.

I feel more capable of remembering facts.

Now I can revise very easy and with no hassle.

You have succeeded because you have shown me lots of easy ways for me to learn.

I know how to study well and effectively.

I realised I’m being negative and I hope I can improve on that.

I now know different ways to help me.

I didn’t know that you could have fun when learning.

I will use better revision techniques. I now know how to study.

I feel a bit more confident with revising.

I feel more confident about myself. I have found out a various selection of ways to learn.

At first I saw studying as a daunting task, but now see it as something rewarding.

I think I’ll stop being negative.

I feel a lot more confident to do well in my exams.


Thank you for such a fabulous and positive session on Thursday. As expected the presenter made a great impression with the students who seemed to hang on to every word! The day was so far removed from the general expectations the students have of ‘standard revision sessions. The day allowed the students to explore their strengths and capabilities in a fun and engaging manner. Students who started the session saying “I can’t do it”, “I’m not clever”, soon realised that with the right techniques they are a lot more capable than they give themselves credit for.

The group was a real mixed bag with some typically confident students and some quieter, more reserved students. The structure of the day allowed all students to work together and to express themselves in ways they would certainly never normally feel able to.

All the feedback we have received from the students since the day has been glowing. We have also looked at some separate evaluation forms that indicate that the day has had a positive effect on the attitude of the students towards FE and HE which is brilliant.

From a staff point of view it was great to be involved in such an engaging session, watching the student’s reactions and confident contributions was fantastic.

I hope we can work with Positively Mad again in the near future. Thank you to you all for providing such a vibrant course.

Cheryl Pawson, King Edward VI, Spilsby


These comments were made by year 11 students at Broadway High School

So more people will have the ability to do better.

It is extremely useful to know how your mind works under particular conditions.

It has very helpful memory tips and will help you with revision. The course was excellent and I believe it will help me with my GCSE revision.

Thank you very much. Your work built up my motivation and I am determined to use your tips to get the best of grades. I loved your way of teaching and your personality was fantastic. It would be great if you would visit us again for it was a pleasure having you here and I am honoured to have been in your presence.

It gives you lots of ways to expand your learning abilities.

It is very useful and helpful.

It is an entertaining course.

It will help people improve their memories. The presenter is a very amusing, funny man who has made studying much more fun.

The course is very effective.

I am privileged and enjoyed today’s session. I feel it has helped me a lot. The presenter was brilliant!

The course has changed and helped my view towards studying.

The course gets people involved.

It is fun and educational and can help people a lot.

The course will get more people thinking better. The presenter is a very bubbly teacher, very entertaining and I enjoyed his company.

I think others should learn what we learnt.

I think the presenter is wonderful and I will always remember him.

It has helped me and I am certain it will help others. I can honestly say it was a great experience, giving us a lot of benefits. Thank you!

It will help others to remember things. People listen in class but forget everything.

The presenter is very good and I enjoyed what he taught us.

It will help other pupils to study better.

The course is fun and you learn a lot.

The presenter has good jokes and was entertaining and enthusiastic.


Mastering Student Motivation

Positively MAD consistently delivers wonderfully uplifting and hugely beneficial workshops and presentations. The students absolutely love them.

Sote Grande, Head Teacher


The aspiration and motivational events have proved extremely successful and I feel that you have inspired a good number of the students to think more positively and creatively about their future.

Jacky Jackson, Aim Higher


Your talk on motivation was brilliant and had so many useful tips and bits of knowledge that I'm sure our students and staff will remember for a long time.

Sam Baker, King Alfred’s School


Who knew confidence could grow so fast, in just two hours. All I can say is missing the opportunity of attempting something due to fear of failure is actually failure itself!

Sabana, Year 10 Student


Today I realised that I cannot wait for my future to happen. I have to go out there and make it happen. My life is in my hands. Thank you for helping me believe in myself.

James, Year 11 Student


I would like to take the time to thank you for running the Student Motivation Seminar in our school, Alder Grange. I thought I would write to pass on some student feedback on the event.

Almost 100% of the students rated the event as beneficial and stated that they developed new skills during the activity. They said that the best part of the seminar was the FUN activities and the presenter, Joe; and stated that their confidence, ambitions and motivation to achieve have increased thanks to these factors.

Staff opinion was also very positive on the event, with all staff surprised at the impact the presentation had on somewhat unruly year 10 students!”

Natalie Williams, Aimhigher


I just wanted to say how brilliant the couple of hours were; the course was brilliantly presented and awesomely mixed in with masses of laughs. I have never known the school assembly hall to be so engaged. To be bluntly honest it inspired me, like nothing has ever before, and I believe will ever again.

Thank you so much, and I can now go through school knowing how confident I am with the knowledge I picked up during the presentation, and I can sit down in the exams in the summer and remember how to be calm and relaxed. There is no way that I can say thank you enough times - THANK YOU!

Dave Scotford, Red Hill Secondary School


Mindwise Workshops

Selected comments from pupils in Key Stage 2

I really liked what we did today.

Positively MAD is positively mad.

This was so much fun.

I can spell better now.

The Maths tricks were funny.

The presenter was cool.

This made me laugh.

It was fun and funny.

I didn’t think I could remember this much.

Now I know how to learn.


The Mindwise Workshops engender a love of learning, and in particular, they inspire creative and unusual approaches to remembering useful information.

Year 5 Teacher


It was funny, it was different, and it was crazy. I didn't want it to end.

Year 6 Student


What a lovely learning experience. The students were buzzing afterwards and keen to demonstrate what they had learned.

Teaching Assistant

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